Blogging is Hard

But committing to things is harder. Since I’m doing more writing, it seems counter-intuitive that I would also want to keep this blog going since I have more than enough on my plate right now. But surprisingly it is the opposite–the forward momentum has inspired me to continue practicing my craft so I can make sure I’m getting better at it. In my career(s) since college, I’ve had some opportunities, but not enough, to keep up my writing skills. I gave the blog thing a try a few years ago, but I think I was lacking in enough professional experience to feel like I had much to say. Now that I’m working on writing for Launch DFW, I’m back to doing in-person interviews and stretching my brain a bit to write pieces on local business and interest stories around DFW.

I feel very lucky to have this opportunity, so I’m going to honor my fellow staff members, and our readership, by making sure I stay fresh. I may not always have a ton to say, but I’ll keep flexing these muscles until they’re as sore as the rest of mine after doing burpees all morning at the gym. So for anyone who’s still reading, thanks, and I promise there’s more to come.

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