Follow Your Bliss

Sometimes when you’re searching for answers and clarity, things fall in your lap from areas of your life that you didn’t expect.

Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve been trying to make more time for non-work related reading. This means books not as focused on personal growth, professional development, etc. and just get back to some of my English major roots and read things I love and am interested in. Most recently I’ve been trying to work my way through The Power of Myth, which focuses on an interview that Bill Moyers conducted with Joseph Campbell that tackles mythology from all angles. While most of what they covered is not new to me due to my focus in college, it’s been a nice refresher read on some of the material and I stumbled across a wonderful passage this weekend that resonated particularly well with me:

“Poets are simply those who have made a profession and a lifestyle of being in touch with their bliss. Most people are concerned with other things. They get themselves involved in economic and political activities, or get drafted into a war that isn’t the one they’re interested in, and it may be difficult to hold to this umbilical under those circumstances. That is a technique each one has to work out for himself somehow.


Each person can have his own depth, experience, and some conviction of being in touch with his own sat-chit-ananda [being, consciousness, and bliss/rapture] , his own being through consciousness and bliss. The religious people tell us we really won’t experience bliss until we die and go to heaven. But I believe in having as much as you can of this experience while you are still alive.” (p. 149-50)

The revelation for me here is that I have gotten to a place where I’ve been ‘following my bliss’ and it’s something I had been striving to do since I began my career journey after college. It took me several years to get here (working jobs I really didn’t like), and I have found a special kind of harmony here in growing, learning, and becoming a better professional along with doing things I love, like helping people. I’ve always strived to “live the questions.” So I think the most practical next step is to figure out what aspects of this place/role gave me the ability to do that and feel this way, so that I can hopefully seek them out in my next role.

Despite the job search and reflections going well, overall this week is a sad one as my coworker Colin will be our leaving our team today–the first to go. The next couple of months will be much quieter and less joy-filled in his absence, but it’s been a pleasure to have him by my side. He’s moving to Atlanta with his family to begin his next chapter, and I am wishing him all the best of luck. I’m grateful to have worked alongside someone who had such great patience (with me, among other things), an incredible work ethic and a wonderful personality. This rainy day will be a sad one, but also happy for the time we all had together. We’re better for having met each other and worked together, and it’s not “Goodbye,” it’s “See you later.”

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